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This document describes just the Spaceti sensors and gateways management through Map Editor. All other features of the Map Editor are described in separate user guide.


  • You should have an access to the Spaceti dashboard for specific installation at

  • Your account should have admin rights

List of steps:

  1. Device management panel

  2. Deploy sensor or gateway

  3. Get information about sensor or gateway

  4. Move or delete sensor or gateway

1. Device management panel

In order to get to this panel you should do the following steps. Below you will also find screenshots, displaying each step.

Go to the dashboard -> My building


Don’t forget to press “Save and close” button whenever you make any changes to the device placement.

2. Deploy sensor or gateway

Deployment process is easy from this panel. It is enough to click “Place device” button in the top left corner (or use B button on the keyboard as shortcut).

Then it is enough to zoom in to the specific place on the map and with red cursor choose position of the sensor, click with the left mouse button. Following window will open for you to input name and serial number of device:

  • Stone name – can be any meaningful information about device placement

  • Height above ground – optional field, not required in almost all cases, leave 0 there

  • Serial number – input serial number of sensor or gateway here as you see it on the casing

TIP: it’s helpful to use USB QR reader device to scan QR code on device label (which contains serial number) (e.g. Honeywell Xenon 1900).

3. Get information about sensor or gateway

To get more information about specific sensor installed there is special Inspect tool. This tool can also allow you to change custom stone name.

4. Move or delete sensor or gateway

If you need to change position of the device in the system, you can use special Select and Transform tool. It allows you to select specific device and then move it with you mouse or delete with DEL button on your keyboard.

In order to use this tool press “Select & transform” button and then select “Beacons” as shown on the screenshot below.

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