QR Code booking

This article outline how to book spaces by scanning a QR code.

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For Administrators

To start using QR codes for booking spaces- download the QR codes for all spaces in the building by going to Building Management > Spaces on the web dashboard and clicking on "Download QR codes" in the right upper corner.

You can also download a single QR code for a specific space by clicking on the three dots adjacent to the space in the list and clicking "edit." Scroll down on the new page and you will find the QR code for this space.

Feel encouraged to print this QR code and attach it on or near the space that it belongs to so your users can simply book by scanning.

For Users

Make sure you have downloaded the Spaceti app on your iOS or Android device.

Scan QR Code

Scan the QR code attached to a workspace, meeting room, studio, common space or parking space using your phones built-in camera application and open the link.

Set booking duration

​This will open up the Spaceti application and present you with the following menu, please select the duration of the booking and click "book."

Receive confirmation

Once your booking is confirmed and you have checked in you're all set. Thank you for using Spaceti.

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