Salto KS Lock management

This guide describes how you can manage locks on the Salto KS platform.

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1) Log In/Sign Up to Salto KS app.

The prerequisite is to access with your company account.

2) Select "Locks"

Click on the "Locks" tab in the left-hand menu

3) Locks

Here you will find a list of all Locks in your building and their information

"Office mode" is a mode that allows the locks to only be unlocked in a certain timeframe, i.e. every day from 8am to 6pm (Working hours).

4) Individual Locks

If you click on one of the Locks from the list, you will be able to see more detailed information about it. In this new window, there are 3 sub-windows, selected in blue which are Entries, Access Groups and Settings.

a. Access groups

Access groups are the groups that have access to this specific Lock, you can create and edit Access groups with the help of this guide

b. Entries

Entries are the history of the Lock- who accessed it, when and using what

c. Settings

In the settings menu,

By clicking on the settings button, you are able to edit "Easy office mode," and "Open time"

Office mode was already explained, here is what the menu looks like, one you enable easy office mode:

"Open Time"

Open time relates to the amount of time the lock will stay unlocked after unlocking it, you can choose from the available times.

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