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This guide describes how to unlock Salto Locks through the Spaceti app.

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If your building uses Salto KS locks that are integrated within the Spaceti app you will be able to unlock these through the Spaceti app. You need to have the Spaceti app downloaded and be logged in.

1) Locate Key icon

In the Home section of the Spaceti app that shows once you open the app whilst logged in, you will see a "key" icon in the right bottom corner, above the "plus" button that you use to book Workspaces, Metting rooms, Parking spots etc...

2) Tap the Key

When you tap the "Key" icon, a new window will pop up from the bottom and you will be prompted to sign into You can create a new account if you don't have one yet.

Tap "Continue"

Once logged in, you will be redirected back to the Spaceti app and with the pop-up window open.

3) Hold near reader/Lock

Whilst in this window, make sure to have Bluetooth ON and hold your phone near the reader on the lock. This will unlock the lock. You can close the window in the app and the next time you need to use it you will be already logged in and can just unlock the locks right away.

SALTO Keys as a Service - Wireless Access Control For Your Business

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