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How to create Access Groups in Salto KS
How to create Access Groups in Salto KS

Workflow on creating Access Groups in Salto KS dashboard

Written by Spaceti Support
Updated over a week ago

Start by visiting the Salto KS dashboard and logging in:

1) In the dashboard click on "Access" in the left-hand menu

2) On the Access page click the "Add Access Group" button

3) Create a name for the Access Group in the new window

4) Add people by selecting them one by one

  • Or select "All" by clicking on the top-left tick next to the search icon

5) Select the Access Locks

Select the relevant lockers to which you would like the group to have access.

6) Define a Time Frame for the Access Group

A timeframe will dictate when the Access Group's access will be valid.

7) Create the Access Group

Check all the information in the overview and create the group.

8) Check or edit later

In the list of Access Groups, you can edit the settings by hovering over the information.

  • You can also bring up the details of the group on a new page by clicking on its name.

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