Gantner(Lockers) integration

This document describes the integration of Gantner lockers to the Spaceti Platform.

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Integrating Gantner Lockers to the Spaceti platform is a very complex process which requires certain information from You, our customer, about your Gantner Lockers. The rest is then handled by our technical team which will make sure everything is integrated properly.

Information required

1. Database setting configuration

(in other words, keys that allow our app to communicate via Bluetooth with your group of lockers)

- You can obtain these from Gantner support, we can also ask for them on your behalf.

  • lockers_advertisement

    • Example: 453317C7ADC3BC20DC68227E57A5FE5B

  • lockers_mac

    • Example: 1A02AF21F1B4A353FF8919B5A0791C55

  • lockers_auth

    • Example: D68734A8FAE9003E667E7117B5C83A1A

  • lockers_site_id

    • Example: 10006316

  • lockers_configuration

    • Example: It2VnHcoAi0LxaZqfcQ7vfLFuRUncuVoXncMDqOcp9uWk/AtdnkbWURRZEse9Zz/igCj2TcYhhTBLkVcfoivxO+YNWK8zI6kmmf111zRZl1IJJkCNmOwjzqY33yEUr2zGPGsYSL9NB6BNztU3TpCTIVz5F0xmo/AcxBlPX80a8a=

  • SiteKey

    • Example: 4B1C47FC3049F8154EAEEAC8C2C50D163721

2. Table of lockers with lock ID

- A table/list of all lockers and their lock ID

Locker IDs

  • This is the locker ID, unique to each locker

Locker naming

  • This is the "name" of the locker, of your choosing, which will appear in the Spaceti app. We recommend using a sequence of numbers, combined with a letter for best orientation.

3. User configuration

- What settings would you like configured for the users interacting with the lockers?

  • How many lockers to be allowed per user?

  • Which users/groups of users should be allowed to use the lockers?

​4. That's it, thank you.

Once we receive all the above-mentioned information, our technical team will be hard at work to integrate all your lockers with the preferred configuration.

HW Compatibility:

This integration is compatible with the following Bluetooth-enabled hardware:

  • GATECO.Side Lock 7010 NW F/ISO

  • GATECO.Side Lock 7000 NW BA


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