Salto KS(Locks) integration

This document describes the integration of Salto KS locks to the Spaceti Platform.

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Integrating Salto KS locks to the Spaceti platform is a very complex process in the background, but we've made sure it's a straightforward process for You- our customers. We take care of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. All we need is access to the Salto dashboard.

1. Log In/Sign Up to Salto KS app.
The prerequisite for this integration is to access with your company account.

2. Invite Spaceti to the Salto KS platform.

On the website, under the "People" tab in the left-hand menu, you will find all users on the Salto platform. Please invite a new user (Spaceti) by clicking on the "invite" button in the top-right corner.

This will allow our technical team to interact with the SaltoKS platform on your behalf and integrate it with the Spaceti platform.

3. Invite Spaceti to the Salto KS platform.

In the pop-up window, type in the "" e-mail address and click "Next."

4. Invite Spaceti to the Salto KS platform.

Make sure to give Spaceti the "Site Admin" role from the dropdown menu, so we have access to all the tools needed for the integration process.

5. That's it, thank you.
Sit back and relax, from here all subsequent work now goes through our Back-End, using automated commands our technical team created for this specific integration.

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