Fleximodo integration
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The connection between Fleximodo and Spaceti is done on the cloud-to-cloud level. This means that the sensor itself is first connected to the Fleximodo DOTA platform, fully provisioned there and only then it is available for the integration to Spaceti.

1. Provision sensors in Fleximodo DOTA platform

Follow Fleximodo manuals for the physical installation and sensor provisioning.

2. Setup data forwarding to Spaceti

In the DOTA platform go to Settings -> PUSH endpoint -> Create new endpoint and setup endpoint as on the image below.

  • Endpoint name - any of your choice

  • Authentication - leave blank

  • API version - v1.3

  • Send IDLE message - yes

  • Attach NBIOT details - yes

  • Attach radar only detail - no

  • Attach debug info - no

  • Staging - no

  • Attach floor stats - no

  • Milliseconds - yes

3. Get Fleximodo Slot ID

The connection of the systems is done based on the Carpark Slot ID. For each running Slot with the device connected, Spaceti Platform will create virtual device with the Serial Number FLEXIMODO_{slot_id}, where slot_id is the ID in Fleximodo DOTA platform.

You can find your Slot IDs in the Carpark details section in the second column.

4. Share Slot IDs with Spaceti

Let us know the Slot IDs of the devices installed. We will add these device to our system and they will be available for the installation soon.

5. Connect Fleximodo sensor to Spaceti Platform

Place the devices in Spaceti platform using Map Editor and FLEXIMODO_{slot_id} as sensor identifier.

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