How to use a locker
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If you do not have an assigned locker, please look here and learn how to do it.

Note: Maybe your manager assigned it to you automatically , so check in the main menu of the application in the lockers tab.

So if you already have...let's continue...
In the Lockers tab, you can see the list of to you assigned lockers.

Note: For example 2B19, in our case, means that the locker is located on the second floor, in part of building B, and its number is 19. It is quite possible that your lockers will have a similar numbering system.

I can see also that I have assigned 1 /2, so we are allowed by the manager to assign a maximum of 2 lockers to one account. If you need an exception, contact your manager.

Press on the door to wake it up!
โ€‹Before each use of the locker, it must be woken from sleep. Simply press the door and the locker will flash and beep to signal that it is ready for use.

Now open the locker with slide to unlock.

For the locking up your locker:

  1. Click on the Lock button

2. Press and hold the door and follow the instructions on the screen

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