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To activate your tablet app you need to prepare the following:

  • App installation file (Google Play installation is coming soon)

  • Spaceti user account with the Manager role

  • An Android tablet connected to the internet

  1. You can go ahead, install the app on the tablet and open it.

  2. Once opened, the tablet should show a similar screen (only with a different activation code)

  3. Scan the QR code or enter to get to the activation screen in your browser.

  4. Enter the activation code and click Continue.

  5. Check if the code is shown correctly.

  6. If you are logged in to Spaceti, the device would get activated as in step 7 below. If not, you'd be asked to log in.


    2. If you have SSO active on your account, please log in to a different browser tab by following this link Fill in your SpacetID, log in and then click Confirm.

  7. The tablet app is now active

  8. Wait for the tablet app to get an access token and show the following screen:

  9. Select your tenant (Spaceti Customer Account) for this tablet and click Confirm.

  10. Select your building for this tablet and click Confirm.

    1. This is where the Digital Reception activation flow ends.

  11. Select your floor for this tablet and click Confirm.

  12. Select your meeting room for this tablet and click Confirm.

  13. Check the settings if they are correct for this tablet and click Confirm and Finish.

Congratulations, your app is now active!

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