User Groups

Think on User Groups as “Who is going to participate on the activity?”

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Click on “Add new group” and name it accordingly to the specific group of people that will perform an specific activity.

There are 2 sections to be completed:

  1. Properties:

    1. Name: To be freely chosen

    2. Rules: Set up the predefined for that specific group

      1. Include everyone: Automatically applies to every new user in the system will be part of this user group

      2. Include by domain: Applying only to the users with an specific domain (i.e.,

      3. Include by role: Applying only to the roles that are offered by default (User, Manager, Data Analyst)

c. Active: Turn it on and off as needed

d. Existing users: To include all existing users to be part of this user group

2. Properties: Add and Remove people from a list of all users

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