The activation process of Spaceti Outlook Add-in is quite straightforward and requires You to only have a Spaceti account that is authorized to book spaces in it's tenant.

To open the Spaceti Outlook Add-in for the first time, please proceed to the Outlook calendar and initiate the creation of a new event. Make sure You're opening event creation in a full mode window, rather than a minimized view. You will find the Spaceti button available on a toolbar.

Clicking the button with the Spaceti logo will activate the Add-in and You will see an authorization screen:

Please click the Authorize button. This action will redirect You to a new window in browser ask You to provide Your Spaceti account credentials. Once You're successfully logged into Your Spaceti account - You will be prompted to activate the Add-in:

The last step of Activation process is chossing a Spaceti tenant, that You wan't your Add-in to be communicating with:

Congratulations! You're all set!

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