Kaiterra integration

This document describes the connection of Kaiterra sensors to the Spaceti Platform.

Written by Maksym Huk
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The connection between Kaiterra and Spaceti is done on the cloud-to-cloud level. This means that the sensor itself is first connected to the Kaiterra platform, fully provisioned there and only then it is available for the integration to Spaceti.

1. Create Kaiterra Organization account

Go to https://dashboard.kaiterra.com, and register an account with your email address. You will receive a confirmation email to verify your account during the first use.

2. Connect the Kaiterra device to the Internet

Follow this guide for device setup.

3. Provision the device in Kaiterra dashboard

Add device to the dashboard using UDID as described in this article.

4. Mount the device in place of the installation

Follow this guide for physical installation.

5. Share UDID with Spaceti

Let us know the UDID of the devices installed. We will add these device to our system and they will be available for the installation soon.

6. Connect Kaiterra sensor to Spaceti Platform

Place the devices in Spaceti platform using Map Editor and UDID as sensor identifier.

7. Check that the connection is successful

To check this, open the real-time map and check the sensor status. It should be Online. It can require a few minutes for the device to send a new message, so give it some time if the status is Offline.

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