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This document describes the connection of Webex devices to the Spaceti Platform.

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Spaceti joins the Webex Ecosystem by integrating Spaceti products to the Webex App Hub. Spaceti is able to connect to Webex devices installed in buildings and collect various parameter such as occupancy and people count! The integration is seamless and can be activated in a matter of hours, allowing you to leverage your existing IT infrastructure to create a data-driven building.

Below you can find the table of supported devices and their functionality.

DX, SX, MX Series

Room & Board Series

Desk Pro


SX & MX only



People count

ST60 only



To activate the integration, accounts with administrator rights in both Cisco Webex platform and Spaceti platform are required.

  1. Each connected device should have RoomAnalytics.PeopleCountOutOfCall and RoomAnalytics.PeoplePresenceDetector functionality enabled (if available for the specific device).

    To enable it, go to the Cisco Webex Platform -> Devices management. Choose the specific device there and “All configurations” menu.

  2. Open the link provided by Spaceti and authorize Spaceti Integration to access your Webex account. We are requesting the minimal required rights to get data from the devices, and we wouldn’t be able to access any other part of your Webex environment.

    Our application requires access just to 2 scopes, namely spark:xapi_statuses and spark-admin:devices_read.

  3. After the successful verification, send the full list of devices you want to connect including their MAC addresses to Spaceti. Soon after that these devices will be available for the deployment through the standard Spaceti Map Editor.

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