Ubiqisense integration

This document describes the connection of Ubiqisense sensors to the Spaceti Platform.

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The connection between Ubiqisense and Spaceti is done on the cloud-to-cloud level. This means that the sensor itself is first connected to the Ubiqisense platform, fully provisioned there and only then it is available for the integration to Spaceti.

1. Create Ubiqisense Organization account (prerequisite)

In case this is the first time installation for the new client, it is required to create a new organization account in the Ubiqisense system. Ask your Ubiqisense support contact to create the organization with the client’s name and connect this organization to Spaceti MQTT feed.

It is preferred to have 1 week notice before installation to create the new organization.

2. Create Location - Sensor connection

Follow the Ubiqisense guides to create Site and Location in their platform, connect Sensor to the Location and provision Sensor. The guide on the system setup is called “Analytics Setup“. The guide on the physical sensor installation is called “Planning“.

3. Check sensor functionality

Once the sensor is installed and provisioned, check that you receive data from the sensor in the Ubiqisense platform.

4. Get Ubiqisense Location ID

The connection of the systems is done based on the Location ID. For each running Location with the at least one device connected, Spaceti Platform will create virtual device with the Serial Number UBIQISENSE_{location_id}, where location_id is the ID in Ubiqisense platform.

In case several devices were used to cover one Location - the data from them will be aggregated on the Ubiqisense side and still one Location ID will be connected to Spaceti Platform.

Location ID is displayed as the first column in the list of Locations

As soon as the first messages from the device are received in the Ubiqisense Location - Spaceti Platform will create corresponding UBIQISENSE_{location_id} device automatically.

5. Connect Ubiqisense Location to Spaceti Platform

To connect the Location’s device reading to some space in Spaceti, you need to open Map Editor in Spaceti Platform, proceed to the step 4 and deploy device with Serial Number UBIQISENSE_{location_id} as usual.

!!! In case such device doesn't exist, please contact Spaceti support for the investigation.

6. Check that the connection is successful

To check this, open the real-time map and check the sensor status. It should be Online. It can require a few minutes for the device to send a new message, so give it some time if the status is Offline.

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