The real-time map is a default interface that reflects the real-time occupancy, bookings and environmental data from your building.

Building selector – in case there are more buildings registered under one domain

Floor selector – select the desired floor

You can see the layout of the space represented by the floor plan, and where the workstations (icon image) and meeting rooms (icon image) are located.

You can also see the markers that indicate the location of other facilities within the building including, the kitchen, bathrooms, exits etc.).

The Real-time map reflects both real-time occupancy and current bookings for workstations and meeting rooms.

The yellow dot indicates there is a booking for the current day. You can check the details by moving the cursor to the space.

Space colours – related to occupancy:

o blue – no occupancy sensors installed

o red – the space is currently in use

o green – the space is currently available

o grey – the occupancy sensor has not sent data for more than 24 hours (please contact support)

Dot colours – related to bookings

o green – there is no booking for the current day

o red space is not bookable

o yellow there is a booking for the current day


You can select which elements will be displayed on the real-time map,

• Spaces – colours of spaces reflecting the real-time occupancy

• Sensors – show all sensors on the map - it is better to have this off

• Markers – shows points of interest like exits, toilets, elevators etc

• Floor plan – display of the floor plan – keep always on


  • name of the space

  • capacity - maximum number of people within a space

  • occupancy - Free / In use

Environmental data – if there are environmental sensors you can find out about the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels by clicking on a space:

• You can see when the sensors linked with this space were last updated.

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