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Environmental Analytics - Overview
Written by Spaceti Support
Updated over a week ago

A detailed view of environmental values in your building

Values are distributed into four groups:

  1. Environmental index – An average of temperature, humidity, and CO2 indexes (each one is calculated separately); the higher the value the better the environment

  2. Temperature – The recommended temperature range is 23°C-24°C

  3. Humidity – The recommended humidity range is between 46% and 55%

  4. CO2 – The recommended level is below 500ppm


1. Select the building – Select the building you wish to display (1)

2. Select the floor – Select the floor you wish to display; all floors are displayed by default

Select the time period

3. Select the granularity – Determine how granular the data displayed should be in terms of hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

4. Set the date range – Select the time period for the displayed data or use the predefined periods.

5. Advanced – Toggle to show/hide two additional filters where you can exclude certain days (i.e. weekends) and select working hours

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